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Agnes Kindberg is an award-winning Child Photographer serving Troy. Every child photography session creates memories that will stand the test of time. These studio-style sessions are a ton of fun. I’ll get various shots that show the true essence of your little one’s personality. They’re best for children ages 3 – 7. As long as your little one likes to make silly faces, jump up and down, and tell me jokes (and hear my terrible ones), we should be good!

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If you’re a parent in Troy, Ohio, contemplating capturing the fleeting moments of your child’s early years, consider Agnes Kindberg Photography in Cincinnati, Ohio, for a truly unparalleled photographic experience. Specializing in child photography, Agnes Kindberg possesses the unique ability to distill purity and personality in every shot. Her professionalism and warm approach ease children into the perfect snapshot, embodying their natural charm. With Agnes’s artistic eye and attention to detail, you’ll receive more than photos; you’ll gain timeless treasures that encapsulate the essence of your child’s spirit. Don’t let these precious moments slip by—book with Agnes Kindberg Photography and preserve your memories with finesse.

Award-Winning Troy Child Photographer

I have been a family photographer for over ten years. I have specialized in maternity and newborn photography. I understand how stressful it can be to plan a photography session, and you are in good hands! As your photographer, I aim to create a fantastic experience for the entire family.

From booking to consultations to styling to product reveal, I am one phone call away. I look forward to meeting your family soon!

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Agnes Kindberg Photography cincinnati ohio is conveniently located at Studio 6871 Main Street Newtown Ohio 45244, making it easy to get to from Troy.

To reach Agnes Kindberg Photography from Troy, Miami County, Ohio, start by heading south on N Market St toward W Main St. Merge onto I-75 S via the ramp to Dayton and continue for about 62 miles. Take exit 7 for OH-562 E toward Norwood. Merge onto OH-562 E and then take the exit onto I-71 S toward Louisville. Continue on I-71 S for about 8 miles, then take exit 9 for Red Bank Rd toward Fairfax. Merge onto Red Bank Expy, then turn left onto Main St. Destination, Studio 6871 Main Street, Newtown, Ohio 45244, will be on the left. Call 513-722-5198 for any inquiries.

About Troy, OH

Troy, situated in Miami County, Ohio, serves as a historical gem with roots extending back to its founding in 1807. Nestled on the western edge of the gently flowing Great Miami River, Troy boasts a rich tapestry of culture and heritage that is visible in its well-preserved downtown architecture and landmarks. The city’s centerpiece, the Miami County Courthouse, stands as a monumental beacon of 19th-century craftsmanship. For individuals passionate about child photography and seeking picturesque backdrops, Troy offers an array of scenic vistas, from the idyllic Treasure Island Park – perfect for natural light photography – to the enchanting Hobart Urban Nature Preserve. Families can also engage in the interactive WACO Air Museum experience, where vintage aircraft offer a unique historical context for photoshoots. The annual Troy Strawberry Festival, with its vibrant parades and community spirit, provides a delightful opportunity for colorful, dynamic imagery capturing the essence of childhood joy. For those looking to capture life’s precious moments, Troy combines historical charm with family-friendly activities, making it an ideal locale to consider for establishing a child photography venture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions people ask about.

What age is most appropriate for child photography shoots?

Child photography sessions are ideal for ages six months to five years. Children are by nature expressive and inquisitive during this time, resulting in real and heartwarming images that reflect their unique personalities.

What methods do you use to keep children interested during a photo session?

Skilled photographers use a range of techniques like props, games, and an relaxed atmosphere to keep children interested and obtain authentic expressions.

Just what should my child wear for a photography session?

Dress your child in relaxing, colorful attire that reflects their personality while considering the location and theme of the session. Striking colors and fabrics add aesthetic appeal to the photos.

How might I prepare my child for a photographer’s appointment?

Communicate with your child about what to expect, make sure they are well-rested and fed, and take along refreshments or toys to hold them happy and occupied throughout the session.

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