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Agnes Kindberg is an award-winning Child Photographer serving Xenia. Every child photography session creates memories that will stand the test of time. These studio-style sessions are a ton of fun. I’ll get various shots that show the true essence of your little one’s personality. They’re best for children ages 3 – 7. As long as your little one likes to make silly faces, jump up and down, and tell me jokes (and hear my terrible ones), we should be good!

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Capture the fleeting moments of childhood with the artful eye of Agnes Kindberg Photography. Specializing in child portraiture, Agnes brings a warm, professional touch to every session, ensuring comfort and joy for your little ones. Her photography is more than a snapshot—it’s a timeless investment, freezing the giggles, grins, and growth of your children in stunning detail. Serving Xenia, Greene County, this Cincinnati, Ohio gem is renowned for creating enchanting visual stories that families treasure for lifetimes. Trust Agnes Kindberg to encapsulate the spirit of your child in every frame—book a session and let her transform today’s moments into tomorrow’s precious memories.

Award-Winning Xenia Child Photographer

I have been a family photographer for over ten years. I have specialized in maternity and newborn photography. I understand how stressful it can be to plan a photography session, and you are in good hands! As your photographer, I aim to create a fantastic experience for the entire family.

From booking to consultations to styling to product reveal, I am one phone call away. I look forward to meeting your family soon!

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Agnes Kindberg Photography has been Voted One of the Best Newborn Photographers in Cincinnati by Expertise.com


How To Get From Xenia to Agnes Kindberg Photography cincinnati ohio

Agnes Kindberg Photography cincinnati ohio is conveniently located at Studio 6871 Main Street Newtown Ohio 45244, making it easy to get to from Xenia.

To reach Agnes Kindberg Photography from Xenia, Greene County, OH, start by taking US-35 W from downtown Xenia. Continue on US-35 W until you merge onto I-675 S toward Cincinnati. From I-675 S, take exit 43 to merge onto I-75 S toward Cincinnati. After approximately 37 miles, keep right to stay on I-75 S, then use the right 2 lanes to take exit 6 to merge onto I-275 E toward I-71/Columbus. Take exit 63B for OH-32 W toward Newtown. Merge onto OH-32 W/James A. Rhodes Appalachian Hwy. Turn left onto Main St/Batavia Pike, and you’ll find Studio 6871 located at 6871 Main Street, Newtown, Ohio 45244. Be sure to call ahead at 513-722-5198 to confirm your appointment.

About Xenia, OH

Xenia, the county seat of Greene County, Ohio, is a scenic city replete with a rich heritage and a welcoming atmosphere. Nestled in the heart of Southwest Ohio, this charming locale boasts historical significance, dating back to its founding in 1803. Xenia’s storied past is well-preserved in landmarks like the Greene County Courthouse and the picturesque Galloway Log House, painting a vivid canvas for history enthusiasts and inviting exploration from prospective families considering child photography in the area. Natural beauty abounds at spots like Shawnee Park and the extensive bike trails that connect to the Miami Valley Trail Network, offering serene backdrops for outdoor photo sessions. The city is also home to cultural festivities such as the annual Xenia Community Festival, providing colorful and spirited settings that capture the essence of community life. Additionally, the proximity to John Bryan State Park and the picturesque Clifton Gorge provides an array of captivating vistas, ideal for capturing timeless moments through child photography. Xenia’s blend of historical charm, recreational opportunities, and natural allure renders it a compelling choice for families aiming to immortalize their cherished memories through the artful lens of photography.

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People Also Ask

Here are some FAQs people ask about.

At what age is ideal for children’s photography shoots?

Kids’ photography sessions are ideal for ages half a year to five years. Kids are by nature expressive and curious during this time, resulting in authentic and heartwarming images that reflect their distinct personalities.

How ensure children focused during a photo shoot?

Skilled photographers utilize different techniques like props, games, and an relaxed atmosphere to keep children engaged and get authentic expressions.

What exactly should my child wear for a photography session?

Dress your child in relaxing, colorful attire that reflects their personality while bearing in mind the venue and concept of the session. Bright colors and textures add artistic flair to the photos.

In what way should I prepare my child for a photo shoot?

Communicate with your child about what to expect, guarantee they are well-rested and fed, and carry along snacks or toys to keep them happy and engaged over the course of the session.

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