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Agnes Kindberg is an award-winning Child Photographer serving Riverside. Every child photography session creates memories that will stand the test of time. These studio-style sessions are a ton of fun. I’ll get various shots that show the true essence of your little one’s personality. They’re best for children ages 3 – 7. As long as your little one likes to make silly faces, jump up and down, and tell me jokes (and hear my terrible ones), we should be good!

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Capturing the fleeting moments of childhood is an art, and Agnes Kindberg Photography in Cincinnati, Ohio, excels in preserving these precious memories with a masterful touch. For the discerning residents of Riverside, Montgomery County, selecting Agnes’s professional services means choosing a photographer who understands the subtle nuances of child behavior and who has the patience and skill to elicit genuine expressions. Her portfolio showcases a delicate balance between playful spontaneity and composed elegance, ensuring that every session is tailored to reflect the unique personality of your child. Investing in Agnes Kindberg Photography is not merely booking a session; it’s securing a timeless treasure for your family legacy.

Award-Winning Riverside Child Photographer

I have been a family photographer for over ten years. I have specialized in maternity and newborn photography. I understand how stressful it can be to plan a photography session, and you are in good hands! As your photographer, I aim to create a fantastic experience for the entire family.

From booking to consultations to styling to product reveal, I am one phone call away. I look forward to meeting your family soon!

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Agnes Kindberg Photography has been Voted One of the Best Newborn Photographers in Cincinnati by Expertise.com

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Directions From Riverside to Agnes Kindberg Photography cincinnati ohio

Agnes Kindberg Photography cincinnati ohio is conveniently located at Studio 6871 Main Street Newtown Ohio 45244, making it easy to get to from Riverside.

Starting from Riverside, Montgomery County, Ohio, head south on Woodman Drive toward Burkhardt Avenue. Merge onto US-35 W and follow for approximately 4.5 miles. Then, take the exit onto I-75 S toward Cincinnati. Continue on I-75 S for 39 miles. Take exit 7 for OH-562 E toward I-71/Norwood. Merge onto OH-562 E and keep left to continue on OH-561 S. Use the right lane to take the US-50 E/Columbia Parkway exit. Drive for about 2.7 miles, then turn left onto Beechmont Avenue, followed by a right onto Corbly Road. After 1 mile, continue onto Main Street. Agnes Kindberg Photography will be on your left at 6871 Main Street, Newtown, Ohio, 45244. Contact the studio at 513-722-5198 if you need further assistance.

About Riverside, OH

Riverside is a charming city nestled within Montgomery County, Ohio. Steeped in local history, this area once thrived on the industries that lined the banks of the nearby Great Miami River, invigorating the community with a robust workforce. Modern Riverside seamlessly integrates its historical roots with contemporary living. Notable landmarks include the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and the National Museum of the United States Air Force, which pays homage to the region’s significant contributions to aviation history. For families considering professional child photography, the city boasts picturesque landscapes ideal for outdoor shoots, such as the scenic Eastwood MetroPark and the tranquil Huffman MetroPark. These locales provide vibrant backdrops throughout the changing seasons, offering a diverse range of natural settings. In terms of recreation, residents and visitors alike can enjoy bicycle trails, picnic areas, and fishing spots. Riverside is a community that cherishes its past while embracing the future, making it an attractive destination for those seeking to capture special moments in a child’s life through the lens of photography.

Serving Riverside, Montgomery County

We serve clients from Riverside and across Montgomery County and Ohio as a whole including:

Centerville, Chillicothe, Clarksville, Delhi, Frankfort, Franklin, Greenfield, Independence, Jeffersontown, Lebanon, Marion, Marysville, Nicholasville, Oxford, Piqua, Portsmouth, Radcliffe, Sidney, Trotwood, Troy, Xenia

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Here are some common questions people ask about.

At what age is best for child photography shoots?

Children’s photography sessions are perfect for ages six months to five years. Children are inherently expressive and inquisitive during this period, producing authentic and heartwarming images that reflect their distinct personalities.

How keep children involved during a photography session?

Expert photographers employ a range of techniques like props, games, and a relaxed atmosphere to keep children involved and capture real expressions.

What exactly should my child wear for a photography session?

Dress your child in comfy, bright attire that reflects their personality while bearing in mind the setting and theme of the session. Striking colors and fabrics add visual interest to the photos.

In what way can I prepare my child for a photography session?

Communicate with your child about what to expect, ensure they are well-rested and fed, and bring along refreshments or toys to hold them happy and involved throughout the session.

Riverside Child Photographer